Saturday, February 26, 2011

This Can't Be Undone Or Stopped...Part 5

It appears that the jig is up. I had hoped that tracking my wife's missing phone -- or, rather, tracking whomever HAD my wife's missing phone -- would have led to film-worthy drama. With international implications. Or at least a high-speed chase through the streets of Chicago. Something more exciting than what it turned out to be: me, alone, checking my MobileMe account every few hours to see if the phone had popped back up on grid.

So I am left with the decision that no mobile phone owner wants to face...should I kill my phone. Yeah, it's a killing done remotely. I mean it is not like I will need to look the phone in the face as I terminate it. But as any phone owner surely knows, these things have grown to become a part of us. Too much a part of us, for sure, but a part no less. The phone represents a life-line to friends, a connection to the family calendar, a polite reminder of the countless appointments and important meeting dates otherwise forgotten.

Yet at the same time, the gnawing threat of someone performing nefarious cybercrimes using the phone is just as motivating.

And choosing to "Erase All Data"